Toll Ipec

This project at the time was the second largest project that Fresh Landscapes had delivered. It was a very important project that paved the way for the company to take on other multimillion dollar landscape projects. Toll was one of four major projects that Fresh Landscapes had completed in the Bungarribee Estate. This project set a new bench mark in the industrial industry.

Premier Michael Baird hosted the grand opening and it was broadcasted on Channel 9 news. Following the project been awarded to Fresh Landscapes our next internal procedure was to go through each component of the project with our Construction Manager. From there a preconstruction meeting was held on site with our client and also their client. It was clear to Fresh that there was a large area on the plan that we could foresee being a problem with drainage and long term issues with tree and plant survival.

As we wanted to be proactive with our client and bring this to their attention as it was going incur a cost. Our client took our advice on board and carried out the extra drainage. The main hurdle around this project was the program. The builder had requested the job to be finished and handed over in three months. This dead line was achieved and we exceeded our client’s expectations. After completing the project we were made aware that all tendering companies on this package were unable to meet the deadline. Our team were proactive with their approach and had a ‘make it happen’ attitude when tackling this job. We had a number of situations arise with erosion and sediment control, sub drainage and a large area that required bulk excavation. While carrying out the above Fresh had to make sure a strict environmental management plan was followed.

As each challenge came to the table we made sure we worked together with the client to ensure the works were carried out it the most timely and cost effective way.