The Finery

High rise residential community totalling 7 apartment towers

Soft landscaping Key Highlights

  • 1500m3 garden soil installation
  • Supply and install of shrubs and groundcovers totalling 8,640 assortments ranging in sizes from 150mm to 45ltr sizes
  • Install of 40 200ltr trees and 21 400ltr trees
  • 15 Livistonia Australis Palms installed ranging with an overall height of 8-9 meters each

Hard landscaping Key Highlights

  • Supply and install 170m2 of porous permeable pavers
  • Install of assorted granite pavers sized 600x300x3mm coving over 1000m2
  • 2000m2 of rooftop gravel cover
  • 264 Pre-cast concrete steps installed