Putney Peak

High rise residential apartment blocks

Soft landscaping Key Highlights

  • Total landscape soft scape garden and lawn areas 8300m2
  • 2500m3 garden soil and turf soil
  • Advance palm tree relocation on site transplant 6-7m tall phoenix palms 6 of them
  • (photos from Alex)
  • Advance tree planting, 45-100ltr 53 various plants
  • Assorted ground covers and shrubs tube stock 200ml – 29,200

Hard landscaping Key Highlights

  • 1300m2 of broom finish concrete pavement areas
  • Timber hardwood 139x22mm design and construct of 230m2 of hardwood timber
  • Artwork signage – corten ribbon sign over hanging the pathway (Tom for more description)
  • Wet cast feature signage wall, materials order from Finland to complete this (Tom for more details)
  • Cascading water feature – insitu cast cascading water feature, 120Lmeters long (get photos of this!)
  • Key photos – water feature, timber deck, metal feature