Mirvac Construction

Fresh Landscapes were contracted to build New line Road for Mirvac construction. This projects scope of works was to construct a two-way trafficable road allowing access from Figtree Drive, to the underground basement carpark servicing the Pavilions residency.

Over 250 lineal meters in length, this roadway has a cantilevered footing to protect high voltage electrical mains that travel down the property boundary, contains almost 50 tonnes of reinforcement steel, 80 cubic metres of stratavault system and approximately 460 cubic metres of concrete.

With electrical, gas, telecommunication and water services running through the existing concrete layback, the team have had to take extreme care with demolition works.

FLG work with Mirvac engineers to construct the cantilevered slab that was designed to cantilever over the high voltage lines to protect the main service from any major damage. This ran the entire length of the road.

This was a high-risk project and a great opportunity for FLG to demonstrate their build knowledge and capabilities outside of landscape construction projects.